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Latest Blogs

22 Feb 2014Bind a key in Linux to Increase/Decrease the Volume

Using these instructions I was able to set Shift + Page Up to increase the volume, and Shift + Page Down to decrease the volume. These instructions are for Ubuntu 13.04 with XFCE but should work with Unity or other … Continue reading No Comments

22 Feb 2014How to add your signature to any PDF for Free!

Are you digitally filling out a housing lease or work employment contract and need to sign your PDF and e-mail it? If you’re like me, you’re tired of having to deal with printing and mailing contracts. Here’s how to insert … Continue reading No Comments

19 May 2013JavaScript Minesweeper Game

I’ve written a minesweeper clone in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Check out the live demo or view source on github. Features: Configurable grid size (X, Y) Configurable number of mines Stack based grid traversal algorithm for memory efficiency HTML5 web … Continue reading No Comments

10 Apr 2013Ear Plug Ratings and Reviews – Protect your ears!

When going to a concert or show with very loud music that you love, it is very important to protect your ears from hearing loss and ringing-in-the-ears. This way, you can enjoy the music for years to come and sleep … Continue reading No Comments

06 Apr 2013How to listen to Spotify for a long time without ads

Here is a quick and easy way to listen to Spotify for long periods of time without listening to ads and without paying for the PRO service. Note: Only applies if you like DJ mixes of Trance, House, and other … Continue reading No Comments